5min pressing a day (#503)


Things started to get a little bit
on the motorway into town
a gentleman stopped
to tie his shoelaces
in the middle of the carriageway

The vehicles wait for him to finish

When he does he smiles
and moves on

It is always like this
on Fridays

The resistance meeting will have to wait

Maybe we will go to the concert hall instead
a concerto
for wild pianos
tamed and brought to civilisation

Memories of past and present

It always brings a tear to the eye
causing spectacles to fog

Hot and steamy food can do this
as can music

This type of music is only listened to by
about fifteen people
in the whole country

So wipe away your tears
lest you be drowned in sorrow

In the concert hall
the wall
at the end
has been removed

By build-it-yourself types
an unrestrained breed
prone to leaving
all sorts of vandalism
in their wake

Walking to the end
there seems to be nothing beyond
where the wall stood
now stands empty space

Deep space
you can look into forever

The music will end shortly
forever will stay with you for a while
you can straighten your clothes
get on the motorway
and go home

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5min pressing a day (#502)


If they can’t remember
actually running and jumping and clambering
over rocks and mountaintops
they can remember
something called fun

Lined on the verandah
gazing across unkempt fields

I would unleash some goats in there
announces Romana
it is her first day here
they would eat all of those weeds

We all have a goat
somewhere in us
says Aunty Marge
languishing on prickly weeds
toxic shrubs
and puggy bogs

It is a bit smelly when they are around

They have all been brought here
in wheelchairs
supported by crutches
and walking frames
assisted by the nurse
or dragging a dead leg
born with one too many legs
holding the wall for support

Uncle Bob twitches
earthquake weather
there are days when you hope
there will be no earthquakes

Every day

They gaze out
remembering youthful days
when they would be out jumping about

Resting in the sun
look I have a picture of us together
when we were young
it started as a small portrait
which grew to poster size
then a mural
eventually to become a large image
swelling and swelling
filling the sky
only to dissipate
becoming nothing

Everything becomes this
says Aunty Marge
as the others nod in agreement
the nurse will take them inside
at 3:25 precisely
for tea and ginger loaf
with lots of butter with it

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5min pressing a day (#501)


It is like hoping for
a world without cracks

you will not find one

A world without cracks

Even the cats are vulnerable
they fall in the cracks
as easily as the rest of us

Look at how many legs they have
lots of them
they have lots of legs

many legs

More legs than us
more legs with which to step on cracks

One day stepping on a crack
and falling in
to another world

A science-fiction world
full of unexpected surprises

I once saw a cat
run into a jar
of food
in eagerness
to reach dinner
before the others


I once saw a cat
with only three legs
it had been wounded in action
when a baby

It was deaf too
a deaf three legged cat

That would fall into every crack that it finds
with little hope of escape

Not with three legs
it might never escape
with three legs

Stuck in whatever world
it find itself in

But it will

Then running
not running well
but running
like a rabbit
running as well as it can
as far as possible
from this world of cracks

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5min pressing a day (#500)


Put in three drops first

Three teardrops and then a cup of love
don’t be stingy
let it run over

Let it pour over the sides
and all over the floor

Three teardrops to a cup of love
it is a standard mixture

As recommended
in the manual
of the therapeutic cocktail mixers association

It doesn’t matter what type of vessel you drink from
the champagne flute is best for thin people
not well suited to the greedy
the brandy balloon is ideal
after a particularly rough period
the martini glass
is stylish
letting it slip down with ease
my favourite is hand-cut Bohemian crystal
it has no advantages other than being well proportioned
and beautiful
I like it

You can mix whatever you want
small butterflies and love hearts are favourites
orange jelly-fish are popular too
and stars
spaceships and frogs even
add what you like

Make it a special occasion

Pour it slowly
putting the drops of sorrows in first
pouring love over the top
it pours like a diaphanous light
getting into all places

They mix particularly well

There are clear instructions in the manual

Drink it slowly

Drink it slowly
when you have finished
put the lids on the bottles
they should be of frosted glass
with a metal plate hung by chains
with the names of
those who have provided the contents

Then wipe the glasses clean
and put them away

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5min pressing a day (#499)


Next to the stairs
is a door
a wooden door
with a plaque on it
‘Solaris Room’

The door will be ajar
just go in

There are all sorts of groups meet there
every week a new group
a new slant on weirdness
a new way of having

Read the schedule on the wall

This week it is
‘Love Hoarders’
5:00 until 7:30
there are already two or three people
gathered at the front of the room

Mrs Kim and Uncle George are talking to the facilitator
Mr Derek
a small bouncy figure
with a wry smile

Mrs Kim and Uncle George have been comparing their notes
they were both at the meeting last month

Mrs Kim has been stuffing her love
into a hole in the hallway wall
she is not sure how much there is in there
she hasn’t been able to pull any of it out

Uncle George has been spreading
his love

Mrs Kim finds that most disturbing
you are spreading it too thin
how will people know
that it is real love

Uncle George assures her
it is all real
it is all good love

Mrs Kim has her doubts
her love is waiting
it will only go to one person
who most deserves it
who is tested
as perfect

They talk amongst themselves
as others file-in

The facilitator suggests that they take their seats

I will meet you at the rugby field on Thursday
hopefully it wont be muddy
we will start at opposite ends
and walk
when we meet
in the middle
we will stop and look down
at the ground
on which we stand

They all think it sounds
like an interesting idea
agreeing to meet

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5min pressing a day (#498)


Throughout the night
as the good folk sleep

A song falls
from the sky
seeping through the cracks
between clouds
covering everything on earth

Smothered by the night

Two scholars seated together
one of them
Professor Antille
notates the song
as it lands around them
the other
Professor Domenique
looks around intently
to see from where it originates
pencil poised to notate
its genesis
when it becomes known

I will transcribe these fragments
into a single song
says Professor Antille

Gathering together the pieces of song
bring them together as one
unified chorus

All of the nymphs of the sky
shine as diamonds
some will sing
the song
some will dance

Professor Domenique
asserts that it is the sound of the wind
brushing against the edges
of the sky

The beating of birds wings
as a flock
pounding the sky downwards
into this world

The voices of plants
singing as they grow
leaves and flowers facing upwards
looking for the best view
of the sun

Losing themselves
they spend weeks at their task
without a pause

It is their love

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5min pressing a day (#497)


Every day is like a blank page
until the moment
something happens

Like waiting
and waiting
for red eyes
to go away

It can be a long wait

Even first thing in the morning
a large room filled with people working

A shed of beavers
making dams
and every type of thing

in the middle of the day
about morning tea time
they start filing through

A line of banned persons
blasphemers all
against religion
against science
against the body politic
against the status quo

The very path that led to this place

Is littered
both with fallen leaves
and fallen flowers

The remains of both autumn
and of spring
fallen in the same place

It has been a hard path
this life

First they brought through Marie Antionette
she was the first to go
then they brought through everybody
who resembled her
those with a similar hairstyle
those with a similar vocal style
those with a similar gait
those with any similarities at all

Then those with none

The list got longer and longer
and those chosen easier to choose
until the room was empty
the page full

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