5min posting a day (#44)


Two houses together in one street
with a picket fence on one side
clean and freshly painted
the other side is unkempt
grass and a pile of rubbish
spread amid general chaos and decay

In front of the houses two gentlemen appear
each with red hair, a red beard, and a giant puku
they look identical
rahana vs rahana
cakil vs cakil
it is hard to see which is which
maybe it is one person
with multiple bodies

In a great flurry they fight
around and around they go
they fight and struggle
thrusting and jabbing
pushing and stabbing
and they turn and face each other
without quite seeing who is there
dramatically jousting

Eventually somebody from the side shoots
an arrow
straight through the heart
of one – they both drop
for it is their final day here
and nothing can be done to stop it

For them or for anyone else
a dark one and a light one
in the same body
they struggled too long
and fell
they reached the end of struggle
it wasn’t necessary and never was

The rubbish is still there
the fresh paint will crack and peel
grass keeps growing
without any help
birds fly from one side to the other
without concern for which side they are on

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5min posting a day #43


Even without rains of molten glass
we are not happy
we tell ourselves
and it will be so

Even with rains of molten glass
regularly dining on rotten waste
swimming in toxic algae
living amid a poisonous political cocktail
a dying empire
we might be happy
and why not I say
we may as well be

One morning waking to the day
what I have always wanted
is to live near the sea
to hear the seagulls talking
and to watch the waves
stretching out across the bay
dolphins jumping in the blue
will be enough for me

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5min posting a day (#42)


Walking through the green jungles
pulling apart a tangle of leaves
fronds flowers and fuzzy feelers
a pair of evangelistas
walking happily through the undergrowth

they don’t care
about the jaguars
the crocodiles
the anacondas
or the sleepy sloths
that might fall from the perches
of their dreams

giving out bibles
planting schools and hospitals
wherever they stop

a curious activity it is
the jungle doesn’t need them
and yet they come
to sing its praise

eventually they will move on
the jungle, ignoring them
continues just being a jungle

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5min posting a day (#41)


The storm has passed
us waiting in vain
there will always be another storm
of that we can be sure
there is always another storm

It arrives and we find
it behaves just like the last
hmmmm – storms
they all seem to do the same thing
they have no imagination
all acting in the same way
repeating the same script

Let it be known
there is a special way of navigating
with careful study
can be well known

After that waiting for the next one
to come over the horizon
there is always another storm
we will be ready

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5min posting a day (#40)


For days and days discussions continue
we – and other members of the club
our club
gathered together all of the young men that could be found
sending them off overseas

they never returned

Years later
here we are
we are still asking the question – why?
or so we think
those amongst us saying ‘I know’
edged off and over the side

few will stop to listen
wanting to know is not always popular

Somewhere there is a field
with a big hole in the middle
a big pit
and around it gather
the people of the earth

They have earth stuck to them
in their clothes
in their hair
in the deep creases of their faces
like folds in the hills

The earth sticks to them
and they stick with the earth
staying closer than close
they will never leave
if they can help it

With spades and shovels
tossing sods of earth into the hole

When finished planting a bunch of white stakes
it is the most
they or anyone
can do
red flowers rise and fly on the wind
’round and around them

The task completed
walking home in the drizzling rain

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5min posting a day (#39)


Looking up and into the great wide sky
place of empty space
source of all things
formed and formless

One day we will undertake a trek
to meet the people of the sky

There are those who will climb into the sky
starting at the Himalaya Mountains – somewhere near the top
climbing into the sky
bloody minded they are
and yet proceeding with the greatest caution
is the only way to successfully make this undertaking
finding yourself on the top
on a good day
if you are lucky

Then there are those who will observe the lights of the sky
around Five Peaks Mountain
and all other such places
they will read and listen to all of the stories
and then talk amongst themselves
navigating through the sky
it is the navigator that is most crucial
you will meet yourself along the way

There is another group
a convention of poets
an uconvention of conventional poets
without an audience
for all who are interested in poetry will be conventing
for them it is clouds
wandering aimlessly the sky
laden with words, drifting about
occasionally stopping to quench some arid part
occasionally stopping to refresh itself
observing with joyous activity
in the field of life
observing themselves

After assessing thoroughly the sky
before returning home
finding a lone youth in their dwell-hole
studying torturously
for the rest of his life depends upon it
but if you are tired young man
look up, and don’t
forget the sky

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5min posting a day (#38)


One day finding yourself at
Mandala Terrace
the great manadala at the middle of it all
control room and operating centre
from where all of the world is directed

it is good to make yourself comfortable once you have arrived
for one may as well be comfortable
or to put it another way
not being comfortable will not be
of any advantage

then take the controls
in your own hands
pull the levers and turn the knobs
adjust the levels and set the temperature
set the fuel burn rate
note the relative mass, humidity and velocity
of your life

once the controls have all been set
check your your plans and notes
and projected trajectory
then fly
watch the scenery all whizz by
life playing itself out on the screen
and be filled with it all

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