5min pressing a day (#566)


In the dream there was a bear
a large bear
a very large bear

Behind a fence
about three or so metres high

If my dream vision
distance and height estimator functions

The bear was about the size of a small elephant
with, of course
long bear hair

Taking a good long run up
to leap over the fence

In a single bound
it jumped clear of the fence

So I will
as a puny human being
put my arms over my head

I wont fight the bear
for it will undoubtedly win

Putting my arms over my head
might reduce the pain
as it bites through my head

I will let it kill me
I suppose
maybe it will eat me too
I don’t know
why do bears kill humans ?

Is it hunger ?

Maybe for the same reason that humans kill bears

Do they eat them afterwards ?

It jumped the fence with ease

I comment to the bear
that probably the best fence
to contain a bear
is a few hundred miles of forest

The bear agrees with me
and decides not to kill me

Today we shall both walk free

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5min posting a day (#565)


They were discussing
how it was that the sepia period began

There were so many suggestions
at the meeting in the village hall
Otis had talked about how we were flying
through a thick and lumpy
part of the sky
Mrs Redding mocked
how sepia tones might descend
from the sky
as if being excreted by the stars

Mr Dan
yes, that is his real name
said that it was a proliferation of
we just weren’t designed for
such an odrered life

Without orderlies
says Dr frebbish
never – he loudly exclaims!
we would not function

Someone heard a noise
thinking it a mouse rustling
it is Mrs Kris
everyone looks at her
for she has never spoken before
I used to speak a lot
then one day realising
that no-one was listening

Then I stopped

When I was young
we had a barrel of it
in the garden shed

All of our memories would be painted with it
in varying thicknesses
we found that they lasted longer
thinking that our memories were
as glum as they seemed
until the sepia
permeated our present day

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5min pressing a day (#564)


Now matter how bad it is
we’ve always seen worse

We’ve seen everything
but we are always seeing something new

On the coffee table
by the sofa
in front of the big window

Wide views of houses
scattered on the hillsides

The weekend pile
starts at the coffee table

Titles such as
‘Maras leaky promise’
‘Ten common myths about architects’
(and other misconceptions)
‘Eclipsed by the new moon’

A memorable trip
melting the beach
like an ice cream on holiday

Eclipsed by the new moon

‘Things you should know

Or might like to find out

At the end of the sofa
just next to the big cushion
every time I touch that book
my eyes explode

I always come back for more

It resembles
rubbing at the speck
to make it go away
and then
it is just making the scratch

Light passes
through sheer curtains
making indescribable
the neighbours conversation
blows through the open window

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5min pressing a day (#563)


Making your way through Sylvesters yard
is like a test
of fortitude
navigation skills
and nimbleness

It’s all good stuff
he says
pushing aside a marble bird-bath
making his way towards the gate

Stephanie likes things tidy
there is order here though
he says
holding up some perforated tubes
from a gas fire

She was once an actress
pretending was her great skill
her whole reality

She never really liked petrol though

All of this stuff
look ! it’s beautiful
stroking an old charcoal iron

I am waiting

All of these old things
hammered from bits of iron and bronze
stretched and squeezed
into whatever shape the imagination would hold

One day that it might
form together
as something special
like a giant swan

That will fill the sky
as it flies away

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5min pressing a day (#562)


In between sips of her tea
and nibbling along the edge
of her Florentine
Mrs Anita mentions
that grief seems to be
the only thing
that you two share

Mr George looks out the window
at swallows
swooping against a blue garage wall

Mrs Kim
looks down
at her shoes
she has her yellow shoes on

Last week she wore her green shoes
she is careful
to never wear the same shoes
for two consecutive visits

She finds the Florentine
a bit strange
they don’t quite suit her palette
and finds them very sweet

But there is something about them
that she likes

They are here for their grief
Mrs Anita thinks to herself

On the way home
both Mrs Kim and Mr George
planning what they will do with it
their grief

She decides that she will round hers up
like chickens
gather it together
in a big heap
and go into the garden
in the middle of the night
and burn it

She will plant a rose on the spot
where the fire had been

When she tells Mr George
he says
no weeds will grow there

And smiles

What about yours
she says

I’ll gather mine together
like you
I’ll cut it into small pieces
and put it into bags

Then take it into the garden
and bury it in the compost

And then wait

The compost is like a miracle
because when it is finished
we can turn it into
oranges and lemons and roses and gerberas

Dandelions and thistles too she says

The fire is like a miracle too
it is like light and heat
and then just disappears

Mrs Anita has a small alarm that rings
when the session is finished

They hug at the door
and go home

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5min pressing a day (#561)


They wait together at the bus stop

Today is counselling day

They like visiting Mrs Anita

Actually neither of them can remember
her surname
so they both call her Mrs Anita

It is like a private joke between them

They like visiting Mrs Anita
she always has nice cakes
they drink a cup of tea
or two or three
chat for a while
and go home

She sends an account at the end of the month

Normally they would travel by car

Her car is new and shiny
with old shirts used as seat covers

His car is a little
bit older
an oldy but a goody
he often tells her
as she recoils when touching it

The paintwork is a bit
a remainder from a previous owner
and their incorrect cleaning methods
as is the dent on the side door

His old stereo is in the back
once he took it to the shop to be repaired
they said that it worked just fine
and it did

So he took it home
deriving great pleasure from
its strong sound
and clear delivery

He would tell her
with great excitement
how good it sounds

When it works

It seems to have an intermittent fault
just like us

She looks away

If I put it in the back of the car
and drive it around for a while
maybe it will work again

Parking in town has been a bit difficult
since the earthquake
with all of the parking buildings closed

I like catching the bus
she says

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5min pressing a day (#560)


Mr George and Mrs Kim
have come here to meet

Bill from accounts

How strange that is
relationship counselling
is on the first floor
he says

But here in accounts?

They haven’t been having trouble
at least not with their

They are here for
gardening advice

Bill (from accounts)
has a second speciality

Gardening advice

Mrs Kim
is having trouble with her rose
she keeps on replanting one
in her garden
again and again
it dies

Mr George has a

He has tropical fruits
and then fruiting
even in the middle of winter

She is critical
of his method

Her dream is a single rose
that loves her

And none else

He lavishly feeds his plants
watering them whenever they ask for it

She disagrees
the plants should be able to survive
without support

Mr George doesn’t disagree
he just does things
a different way

Maybe you don’t want to feed
your rose
but watering it would help

Mrs Kim disagrees
refusing to water her rose

Looking away
as it pleads

Mr George has too many plants
she says
and he talks
to all of them

Whether they deserve it or not

Mrs Kim is waiting for her rose
to grow

When it is perfect
then she might water it

She might even feed it

Bill from accounts
seems focused on something else
as if in a reverie

Before seeming to snap
out of his dream

How many roses have you planted there Mrs Kim?

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